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“We are very impressed with both the quality and cost of the repairs carried out by Electronix Services on our industrial power supplies and equipment. We would not hesitate to recommend their services to any organisation and will continue to use them ourselves.”

Kraus & Naimer

“Electronix Services provide an excellent repair service for our high value catering equipment. We are happy to recommend their services to others with similar needs.”

Sean Mann, Limerick

“Electronix Services recently repaired an Industrial PC that we originally thought may be beyond economic repair. However, they were able to repair the unit at a price well below the replacement cost and we are delighted that it is running perfectly since we received this back. We would like to thank Electronix Services and would highly recommend their services.”

Oliver Gahan
Irish Country Meats, Wexford

“Electronix Services repaired a number of high value medical devices for us. We found the service to be professional and the standard of the work carried out to be extremely high. On top of this the repairs they provided were cost effective when compared to any other alternatives available to us. We will certainly be using Electronix Services for high value device repairs in the future.”

Colm Holland
Victoria University Hospital

“Electronix Services provides an excellent repair and maintenance service for our specialised laser equipment which is very difficult to find anywhere else. We find the standard of the work to be very high and will continue to use them for all our specialised repair needs.”

Agnes O’Sullivan
Maldron Hotel Boby and Soul Spa

“In our business we need precision and reliability. When we had a number of boards from different devices that needed repair we were delighted to discover that Electronix Services were able to fix all of the boards to the highest standard. It was very convenient to be able to send all of the boards to the one company, who offered a professional service and had the expertise to repair any device we sent to them. We found Electronix Services to be flexible to our needs and were a great help with other equipment problems we were also having. We would certainly recommend them to other companies and will continue to use them ourselves in the future.”

Stephen Mc Fadden, Manager Facilities/Accessories

“We recently used Electronix Services for a complicated repair to a board from one of our units. We found them to offer a reliable and most importantly cost effective solution. We will be using Electronix Services for our repair needs going forward and would not hesitate to recommend their highly professional service.”

Maurice Foran
Arkopharma, Waterford

“I had an inverter that needed to be repaired and sent it to Electronix Services who had the expertise to repair it at a fraction of the cost of buying a new inverter. I was delighted with this and have had no problems with it since. I will use Electronix Services if I have other devices that need repair in the future and would not hesitate in recommending their services to others in a similar situation.”

Ciarán O’Neill
Electrogen International Ltd

“Electronix Services repaired a PCB board for us from a unit that was down and holding up production. They provided an excellent service with a quick turn around time and all at a considerably lower price than the replacement cost of the board.”

Declan Rogers
Litho Supplies Ltd., Dublin

“We recently sent a unit which ran a large motor in one of our factories to Electronix Services. We found them to offer a fast and reliable service for what was a complicated repair and would recommend their services to other companies with high value production assets.”

Gerry Donohoe, Site Manager

“An important device was not powering on due to some water damage. Electronix Services were able to evaluate the problem quickly and explain to me what was needed to do the repair. The service they provided was excellent and quick too, as we had the device back the next day. I would not hesitate to recommend the service and capability of Electronix Services.”

Ian Kelly, Operations Manager

“We recently sent an obsolete anesthesia monitor into Electronix Services, when the manufacturer could no longer provide us with parts to repair the machine. We were delighted that Electronix Services were able to repair this and with an extremely quick turnaround time of only 2 days which was very important to us.”

Shane Kelly, Engineering Manager
Temple Street Children’s University Hospital

“We sent an Ultrason 1 Ultrasound to Electronix Services and were highly impressed with their repair ability. We previously sent units like this to the UK so we are delighted to have found a company in Ireland who can perform medical equipment repair to such a high standard. We will be using Electronix Services for our repair needs going forward.”

Michael Behan, Craniosacral Therapist

“We recently damaged a machine that is vital to our operation. We dropped it into Electronix Services for urgent repair as it was costing us money everyday it was down. We were delighted to have this back to us in full working order so quickly and have since recommended Electronix Services to other businesses in our area.”

John Teahan, Andrua

“We discovered Electronix Services last year when we had a faulty Omnex Radio Control System that was in urgent need of repair. This item was important as it was needed urgently to get an expensive underground mining machine back up and running. Electronix Services did not let us down and had this repaired for us really quickly. We have used their services on a number of boards since and have always found them to consistently provide a high quality service while maintaining a quick turn around time. We will continue to use Electronix Services for these repairs and would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.”

Pat Grey, Purchasing Manager

“We had a main power supply board from a plasma cutting machine which I sent to Electronix Services for repair a few weeks ago. The machine itself was quite old so the boards were no longer being produced. Electronix Services had this completed extremely quickly and it was ready to collect the next day! I was delighted as I knew that my only other alternative was to get a board especially manufactured which would have been infinitely more expensive. I would highly recommend the services of Electronix Services, and have done so to several other companies since I discovered them.”

Seamus Byrne
AIM Ltd.

“We had a problem with motor controllers on some medical equipment which we support and sent the boards to Electronix Services to be repaired. The service we received from Electronix Services was excellent- they kept in touch with us throughout the whole process and were very knowledgeable about the work that they were carrying out. They were flexible to our needs and very efficient. We would recommend Electronix Services for work of this kind in the future.”

Cathal Cavanagh, Service and Engineering Managerr

“We had a problem with one of our Photobooth machines that we needed to repair urgently. We brought the machine to Electronix Services and within 24 hours, they were able to identify and repair the problem. We were very impressed with the speed of the work, the cost effectiveness and the level of professionalism shown to us. We would be more than happy to recommend Electronix Services for any similar work.”

Dave Redmond
Snapshot Photobooth

“We recently had a touchscreen controller (HMI) that had been damaged when it took a knock and the screen was dented. The manufacturer had informed us that it would need to be sent back to Taiwan at a substantial cost and a long wait for the repair to be completed , so we really needed to find an alternative option. We took it to Electronix Services who provided a very professional and satisfactory service at a good price. We would happily recommend them and would certainly use them again if the need arose.”

Darren Fahy
Modular Automation Ireland Ltd., Shannon

“We used Electronix Services in relation to projector repairs and we were very happy with the professional and efficient repair service they provide. We are certain we would be using them again in the future and we are delighted to recommend them.”

Daniel Brady
Arantech, Dublin

“Electronix Services repaired my ultrasound machine that I use for verterinary purposes. These machines are astronomically expensive to replace and it is very difficult to find a company that can repair them. I could have sent it to the manufacturer but I wouldn’t have gotten the service and attention that Electronix Services gave me. The price was very fair and the machine is working fine now. I will definitely recommend them to others.”

Tony O’Sullivan, End user
Co Cork

“We send laser equipment to Electronix Services and find that the quality of the repair work is of a very high standard. They are professional through out the repair process. We will continue to send equipment for servicing to them.”

Agnes O’Sullivan
Body and Soul Spa

“We used the services of Electronix Services to resolve a problem with a radar speed detection machine that measures the speed of a football. The nature of the machine means that it is prone to knocks from the ball, and this had caused a number of broken components. The team at Electronix Services was able to repair the machine for us quickly and satisfactorily. Each aspect of the service was excellent, and it is now back in action out on the field. We appreciate the efforts and assistance we received, and we would not hesitate to use their services if this were to occur again. We are very happy to recommend them for a professional and efficient repair service.”

Robert Dickinson
Irish Global Logistics, Dublin

“Electronix Services repaired the PCB from Gerkros 15KW Wood Pecker. The repair was very satisfactory and the service we received was professional and efficient. As these machines are used outdoors we regularly need to replace PCB€™s, so it is very reassuring to know that a quality repair service is available in the future. We will certainly be happy to use Electronix Services again, and would be delighted to recommend them to others.”

Paul Brennan
Sheelin Building Services, Tullamore, Co Offaly

“Electronix Services did a great job on repairing a Heidenhain TNC control unit for us and the machine is flying now. We have previously been sending these to the UK and we were delighted to find someone in Ireland who provide effective repair solutions on these high-precision and specialised units. We are happy to recommend them and will certainly be using their services ourselves again.”

Patrick Travers
Wayglen, Co. Galway

“Electronix Services did fantastic work on repairing a Webomatic Vacuum packer for us. It is difficult to find a company who can repair these machines, and it was returned to us working even better than before. We’re delighted to have it back and running happily. We would definitely recommend Electronix Services to anyone who needs a reliable repair service!”

Tommy Doherty Butchers
Kells, Co Meath

“The printing machine from one of our pieces of medical equipment was giving an error and had stopped working. Replacing this would have been very expensive and this budget just wasn€™t available to us. Electronix Services repaired it at a fraction of the cost, saving us a fortune, and the machine is now running excellently. We would like to thank them for the friendly and professional service they provided and would be delighted to recommend them to anyone who needs a good repair service to avoid replacing a machine.”

Paul Lynch, Facilites Manager
St Joseph’s Hospital, Dublin

“We have been using Electronix Services for repairs to various LCD panels and other IT equipment over several years and we are very happy with the level of service they provide. The repair solutions offered are much more cost effective to the other alternatives available, such as replacing the entire unit, and we will continue to use their services in the future.”

Joe Ryan, Technical Director
B.O.S.S., Dublin

“Electronix Services carried out repairs on a number of pieces of our electronic catering equipment. To have these machines out of order for any length of time seriously hinders our ability to do business, so its important for us to have them repaired in a speedy fashion. We were very happy with all aspects of the service we received, and we will use Electronix Services again if the need presents itself. We would gladly recommend their services.”

Niall Brady
Perfect Food Solutions, Dundalk

“We have been using Electronix Services for repairs on Kannegiesser industrial laundry equipment and we were very happy with their service. We were delighted that they offer repair solutions on these as the only option available to us prior to using the services Electronix Services was to send the faulty units back to the OEM and get refurbished replacements, however the financial efforts to do so were prohibitive. We will certainly use them in the future and would gladly recommend them.”

Sean Murphy
Celtic Linen

“We had the main PCB controller from our Heidelberg Speedmaster printing machine repaired by Electronix Services. The board was causing a short in the machine and replacing it would have meant sourcing one from the UK and would have cost a few thousand Euro, so repair was by far the preferable option. It was imperative to us to get this done quickly as we were out of production until it was done. I would like thank Electronix Services for a great job done in a timely manner. With any luck we won€™t need their services in the future, but if we do we would be delighted to use them and would recommend them to anyone who needs a quality repair service.”

Dermot Murphy
New Cityview Press, Dublin

“We use Electronix Services for repairs to faulty equipment which we periodically have and we are very happy with their services and will continue to use them as the need arises. We found the quality of work to be very good and their repair solutions to be cost effective.”

Thomas Marry, Managing Director

“We used Electronix Services for repairs to several vet ultrasound units and we were delighted with the prompt and professional service from the initial phone call to the execution and quality of the repair. Their service is first class and we would definitely recommend them.”

John Nicholas
Dog and Hound, Waterford, Ireland

“Our voicemail system had a power short and wouldn€™t come on. The only option our supplier gave us was to replace it completely, which would have involved considerable financial cost. We then came across Electronix Services. We were very pleased that they were able to successfully repair this for us and offer a much more cost effective solution to get it back up and running quickly. We would be happy to use their services in the future should the need arise.”

Mark Coffey, IT Manager
Interactive Services

“Electronix Services have assisted us with the repair of a PCB Board from a Guillotine and we found their services to be very efficient. We were satisfied with the standard of the repair and would use them again when required and would be happy recommend their services!”

Keith Ryle, Manager
Photovalue Ltd., Dublin

“We have been using Electronix Services regularly for repairs on anything from PCB Bin Truck Boards to Handheld Scanners and found them to offer good value for money and reliable repair services. We would recommend them for their in-depth expertise and capability on all types of electronic and component level repairs.”

Jim McGovem
Panda Recycling, Dublin

“I got the Yamaha Stereo Receiver back from Electronix Services and it sounds absolutely superb. We€™ll done! I’m delighted with it and would be happy to recommend your services anytime!”

John Ketch
Co. Cork

“We have used Electronix Services for repairs of various Touch Screens, Printers and Barcode Scanners and we found them to offer a professional and very effective repair service. We will continue using them in the future and would certainly recommend them.”

Mick Dunne
Co. Louth

“Electronix Services have assisted us with repairs on specialised industrial control equipment which would have involved considerable financial investment to replace. We were happy with the service and effectiveness if the repairs and will use them again as the need arises and recommend their electronic equipment repair services.”

Nicholas Lenane
Veolia Water, Dublin

“I had a repair carried out by Electronix Services on a specialist piece of electronic test equipment for the Satellite/TV installations industry called a Spectrum Analyser. The manufactures had gone out of business and none of my local ‘TV and general electronics’ repair shops would go near it without original circuit schematics, I even rang around in the UK but had no success with the only option available to replace the machine which would be very expensive. Finally I tried Electronix Services and to my pleasant surprise they informed that they ‘fix everything’ even without their original schematics. I shipped it off to them at once and they rang me back in two days saying it was possible to fix and it would cost a fraction of the replacement price. The staff were very courteous and professional on the phone and a pleasure to deal with. I got back my analyser a few days later and needless to say it worked perfectly. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Electronix Services.”

Brian Morrissy, Project Manager
Hi-TECHHOME, Cork City, Ireland

“Electronix Services assisted us when we needed our Micros point of sale systems integrated with our existing technology so as to allow for flexibility of use. I would like to thank them for their professionalism and the high quality of their work. We will certainly use their services again and would recommend them to anyone who requires professional electronic assistance.”

Peter Hedigan
The Brian Boru, Dublin

“We have been using Electronix Services to provide repair and refurbishment solutions to us on items which fall out from our production facility. These items have ranged from touch screen displays to power inverters and keyboards as well as other expensive electronic equipment. We have found the overall quality, turn around time and general cost effectiveness (value for money) to be excellent and we fully intend to continue to use their services as our needs arise.”

Colm Gallagher, Plant Maintenance Manager
Forest Laboratories, Dublin

“We were looking for a supplier to support our site engineering department with electronic repairs and came across Electronix Services. Once the expectations were set and agreed with the project team we sent out a number of PCBs and an Industrial PC where repairs were carried out efficiently and costs effectively.

The team at Electronix Services have continued to support us with numerous repairs both on and off site. My aim for local suppliers with cost effectiveness in mind have well been met by Electronix Services and we continue to work with them as required.”

Paul Walsh, Site Engineering Manager
Kerry Foods

“We have been using Electronix Services for over 2 years now in relation Electronic Point-of-Sale (POS) repairs. The service and professionalism offered by the staff at Electronix Services is excellent. They are efficient in turning around our repairs which is essential for us in our business. We will continue to use them in the future.”

Karen O’Mahoney

“We use Electronix Services to repair and upgrade touch screen monitors for our POS Systems customers. Some of the items are from older legacy systems where good quality replacements are hard to find or unavailable. We find the reliability of these reworked items to be excellent and both ourselves and our customers are delighted with the quality and service provided.”

Pat Kelly, General manager
Merit Solutions

“We have used Electronix Services on a few occasions in relation to repairs required on our POS systems and we have found them to be reliable and professional in their approach. Replacing this good but older equipment can be an expensive and difficult task due to software compatibilities and it is reassuring to know that we can count on them to provide the service when needed and we would happily recommend their services to anyone who should have a requirement for electronic equipment repair.”

Darren Gallagher

“Electronix Services have provided a Parking Meter component repair service for Dublin City Council and we have been impressed with their professionalism and efficiency.”

Kevin Meade
Dublin City Council

“We have been looking for quite some time for a company able to assist us with the repair of three knife trimmers as used in the printing industry and we were delighted when we came across Electronix Services who were able to repair the units for us. These items are extremely expensive to replace and the spare parts for them are also very hard to come by. We were under extreme pressure to get these machines back up and running and are very grateful to the entire team for their efforts and flexibility.”

Peter Donnelly
ColourBooks Ltd., Dublin

“We used Electronix Services in the repair of several monitors which had developed fault where they showed a picture for a split second, only to immediately go blank. We were very pleased with the work, which was carried out in a very professional manner – from the initial query and diagnosis of the fault, right through to the repair and collection of the monitors. We found them reliable, offering a fast turn-around time on the repair and would be happy to use their services again in future, as well as recommend them to others.”

Laurie Pitt

“We had a faulty BenQ projector which was giving a blue screen on startup and then would automatically shut down. We took this to Electronix Sevices who offered a very good and quick service on this and we especially appreciate the follow up call from the engineer after collecting the projector in perfect working condition. We would happily recommend and would use certainly use them again if the need arose.”

Denise McCarthy

“Our company has used Electronix Services to resolve a power issue on one of our systems. This couldn€™t have happened at a worse time as we were just in the process of opening a new office in Dublin, but the team at Electronix Services has understood the urgency of the situation and were able to repair the unit for us and have it ready for us the next day. We appreciate their efforts and assistance with this and would certainly not hesitate to use their services again in the future.”

Quent Rickerby, Director of Intl. Operations

“Electronix Services have successfuly repaired a control unit from a Belize Handychair wheelchair which had gone faulty after the unit was wired up incorrectly to the batteries of the chair. Electronix Services have done a great job and offered a quick service as well. I was very happy with their services and delighted the unit is now working perfectly. I have already recommended them and would have no hesitation in using them again.”

Tom Cannon, End user

“We€™ve recently had a number of faulty projectors which we sent to Electronix Services to fix and refurbish. The team identified the root cause of the problem with the units very quickly and did an excellent job in repairing and returning the projectors to us.

We were very happy with the efficient service we have received, from the professionalism and skill including their initial communication, the turnaround time and the cost effectiveness. We would have no hesitation in using or recommending their services again if ever the need should arise!”

Tom Keegan
Spraoi IT, Wexford

“Electronix Services have done a great job in repairing several Touch POS units which had been powering off intermittently and would not boot into the Operating System.

We would generally need to address any such repair requirements by sending the units in the UK, which can be a costly and time consuming process and we were happy to find an local Irish company who have the capability and expertise we need in such instances.

We are very pleased with their professional and efficient service and we would not hesitate to use them in the future.”

Sean Kelly, Point of Sale Consultant
Money Monitoring Solutions, POS Solutions & Cash Registers

“We dropped in the faulty parts into Electronix Services on a Friday evening and collected them just a couple of days later and, thanks to them, our machine is now re-assembled and perfect working condition.

This was probably a run of the mill, everyday job to Electronix Services, but to our company it was a major issue and I would just like thank them for a great job, well done. I hope we won’t run into other difficulties any time soon, but we will have no hesitation in using their services and recommending Electronix Services to anyone who is looking for a reliable, efficient and quality electronic repair service.”

James Darby, Director

“I used Electronix Services to solve a problem with a high value piece of equipment needed in the surgery. I had been told by the suppliers’ agent that it was not repairable and needed to be completely replaced. The machine is fairly complex but since I had a second one, I was able to identify that actually two boards within the machine were faulty but of course I had no capability or knowledge on how to fix them.

I came across Electronix Services who felt that they could help and who carried out the work in a most helpful and professional manner. Having installed the boards back in the machine I am most pleased to say that it is up and fully functional which is very valuable to me. I am very grateful to Electronix Services and I can really say that I would highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”

John Meares, Dental Surgery
Athlone, Co Westmeath

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