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Product Re-Engineering

We offer a customised service where we analyse a products failure pattern and evaluate alternative options on the existing design. In some cases a new design may be suggested but in either case when the solutions can be applied to resolve reliability issues which dramatically improve efficiency and reduce costs. We have had a number of very successful projects in this regards and all come in under budget and ahead of schedule with very satisfied customers.

We offer a customised service where failure patterns are analyzed and changes to the existing design proposed and evaluated.

Product Re-EngineeringThe product re-engineering process is a new approach to the realisation of substitute components without the benefit of original design process documentation or any other documentation relating to the component. As companies are increasingly getting pressured with the modern-day demands related to competition and rising customer demands, margins getting lower there is often a need to improve the performance of the existing equipment as an alternative solution and in order to avoid incuring increasing costs due to equipment replacement.

We systematically research, evaluate and develop new technologies that we then incorporate into your products in order to enhance their functionality and we aim to add value in the areas of product maintenance and support, product enhancement and testing. We have developed a clearly defined process which we rigorously use in approaching your product re-engineering project:

  • Customer Study Phase

We work closely with our clients to enable us to customise the product to their preference and specifications. We gather all available feedback data from the customer to determine exactly what the customer’s requirements are, what are the existing problems they are dealing with and to identify any additional functions and flexibility needed in the product.

  • Re-engineering Analysis and Planning Phase

We begin by analysing the project fully and developing a feasibility study, which is aimed to find the re-engineering possibilities and to address issues associated with phasing out the legacy systems, moving to the new system and enhancement of any product lines

  • Presenting Options Phase – Project, Plan, Schedule

The resulting process is well documented, analyzed from this working plan that contains all the needed modifications and the final specifications are generated and a detailed report will be submitted to the customer to ensure this is exactly as per our clients requirements.

  • Implementation and Final Testing

After choosing the right solution for implementation according to the specification and the conclusions generated by the project plan the agreed modifications are implemented. The final finished product is exhaustively tested/verified to check all the functions and all the unexpected conditions.

  • Hand Off

Once the product is tested completely it is then sent to the customer and once the product is functional in the live environment, our expertise and engagement continues to support it.

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